Direct Mail Solutions from WiT

Direct mail can be very effective if properly executed. With a relatively low price and over 5% average conversion rate in 2019, direct mail marketing puts your company’s messaging directly in the hands of prospective customers. By carefully targeting consumers according to key demographics, brands can increase awareness and convert untapped audiences into loyal customers. 

Direct Mail Advertising

The success of a direct mail campaign is highly dependent on the sender’s industry, target demographic, and the messaging delivered to the recipient. Superior creative and a well thought out campaign are the difference between effective direct mail marketing, and costly jink mail that degrades brand image. In conjunction with other traditional marketing campaigns, a well executed direct mail campaign will drive leads, customers, and profitable ROI.




Direct Mail Letters & Envelopes

Create a personalized one-on-one connection with your target consumers with branded introduction letters and matching envelopes.

Direct Mail Postcards

Choose this cost-effective option to deliver a personalized announcement, drive customers to your store, or direct them to your website.

Direct Mail Catalogs

Catalogs are among the most effective direct mailing options available. Catalogs help increase sales and revenue with direct access to a complete list of products and services.

Dimensional Marketing Mail

Make a statement consumers will never forget by sending dimensional mailers like pop-ups, boxes, bags, or other promotional product right to their door.


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There are many reasons why direct mail remains such a viable option for businesses to pursue when developing a winning marketing strategy. The following examples illustrate just some of the reasons direct mail belongs in any marketing mix:

  • Staying Power: The average lifespan of an email is only 17 seconds while the average lifespan of direct mail is 17 days: That means consumers hang on to these materials, giving your brand increased exposure opportunities beyond their mailbox.
  • Conversions: 60% of catalog recipients will visit the company’s website, increasing the likelihood that these catalog browsers will convert into consumers.
  • Awareness: 90% of direct mail is opened by recipients while only 20-30% of emails get opened. That’s a significant jump in a brand’s ability to spread awareness and make an impact!

Source: Compu-Mail 2020 Direct Mail Marketing Statistics



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WiT Group’s marketing experts have delivered countless direct mail campaigns, earning our clients millions of dollars in increased revenue. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to help businesses reach new heights. Allow us to improve your brand recognition, recall, and revenue by scheduling a consultation with us today.


Our personalized marketing approach ensures our clients’ needs are met every step of the way. We develop winning marketing strategies using proven techniques and tangible data to drive significant growth and improvements. WiT’s marketing experts will:

  • Develop a baseline report to provide a 360º marketing analysis for our clients’ campaigns
  • Collaborate with clients’ internal teams on strategy, goals, key messaging, and creative direction
  • Provide ongoing evaluation and continuous feedback on campaign performance
  • Deliver on our promise to enact a strategy that drives results

Because we are a commission-based marketing agency, we only succeed when our clients succeed. Are you ready to discover what professionally developed direct mail can do to boost your business performance? Contact our team to get started with your campaign today!