WiT Group, Charlotte’s results-driven marketing agency, has been acquired and is joining the Alison South Marketing team as their 4th regional office. WiT Group is extremely excited to work with such an established agency with over 50 employees that has over a decade of award-winning creative marketing services. WiT’s services will not change, as the results-driven attitude for clients is not changing, only supported by a regional powerhouse.

“I am excited to partner with Alison South to deliver unmatched marketing services to the Charlotte and North Carolina market. The ability to deliver such high-quality creative content, combined with our results-driven digital marketing approach, completes the full-circle marketing approach both companies strive for.” –Founder Josh Mangum

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augusta georgia skyline alison south office

Alison South Marketing has a wide range of services they provide, from video production, to media buying, public relations and social media. WiT Group is excited for this partnership to enhance the Alison South portfolio with expertise in all digital marketing fields, while broadening the services WiT had provided previous to the merger. For more information, go to AlisonSouth.com or by visiting Alison South Marketing Group on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn