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In March 2020, the whole world stood still as coronavirus concerns rose to staggering levels. As a marketing agency, we were particularly wary about the impact this would have on our day-to-day operations: Would we lose our clients due to financial distress? How would we continue to deliver great work? Would we have to close up shop? 


While we worried, we also took necessary steps to help ensure the well-being of our agency, employees, and — most importantly — our clients. The result? We tripled our client roster and held onto every existing account we had prior to the outbreak. Read on to find out exactly how we made it happen!


4 Ways WiT Stood Strong During Coronavirus

The way a crisis situation is handled can tell you a lot about the person, business, or organization handling it. At WiT, we wanted to lead by example, providing both our team and our clients the resources they need to feel supported. This required us to be flexible, work hard, and make necessary sacrifices.



Prior to the national shutdown, our founder, Josh Mangum, sent out an email in February to all clients letting them know that we’re here to support them through the coronavirus pandemic.

“We wanted them to know that we understand this will impact their ability to pay for our marketing agency’s services,” explained Mangum. “So we decided to continue providing for them while also waiving late fees and allowing them to pay when they were financially ready to do so.”

At first, it wasn’t clear whether or not this strategy would pay off. We had several contracts in the final stages of negotiation that suddenly needed to be placed on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic, drastically affecting our revenue and 2020 forecast. But putting our clients’ success first is at the heart of what we do, and we soon found ourselves inundated with new client requests with many drawn to our pay-for-performance payment structure and overall flexibility in the face of crisis.





During the first few weeks on lockdown, we — alongside many other Americans — watched thousands of hospitality workers lose their jobs overnight. Before Congress stopped their partisan bickering and offered support, we tried to build an affiliate marketing program to allow people to promote our clients’ websites and pay them for the traffic. It was a colossal failure and not aligned with our business model, but we were determined to try anything in order to help our clients and our agency survive the storm.


By the end of March, we doubled our client roster. With double the workload, we needed double the employees. So, with coronavirus concerns at their peak, we increased our team to satisfy the growing demand for our services. We trained and hired new team members remotely, working harder than ever to continue delivering the quality of work our clients have come to expect. While it certainly wasn’t easy, it was a challenge we met with great enthusiasm and determination.

“We hired under the assumption that we’d be receiving aid from the Small Business Association, but we quickly realized that assistance was in short supply” said Rose Burach, director of operations. “The challenges coronavirus brought to our agency in terms of growth were incredibly hard for us all. We’re incredibly grateful for how dedicated our team has been to working in overdrive to meet our clients’ needs and support one another during this challenging situation.”


As April came to a close, we officially tripled our client load. Without help from the Paycheck Protection Program and with a significant drop in our monthly revenue, WiT continued to work hard and deliver results. The sacrifices we made in order to support our clients’ needs during this difficult time were well worth the effort: Today, we have a great outlook for the rest of 2020 and look forward to an excellent year with our fabulous team and newly acquired clientele.


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Our Coronavirus Response: Whatever it Takes for Our Clients

When the worst happens, it’s important to stay calm and do what you can to help others. We understand that not every marketing agency or small business will survive the financial turmoil coronavirus has caused. But hopefully our team can be an example of what it means to put community — and your clients — first.

Our marketing agency does whatever it takes to help our clients, regardless of what’s happening outside of the company. Want a dedicated team like ours by your side in times of crisis? Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your marketing needs!



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